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Apr 13

Working Off Belly Fat

By Alanne | Beauty body , Belly Fat

Yes I know, you have tried several different times to firm up your tummy but your belly still looks like the top of a muffin when you wear those tight pants. It doesn’t seem to matter how many sit ups you do, you just can’t seem to get rid of that extra 10lbs of fat hanging around your waste. The fact is, as you get older your body slowly changes and your metabolism just isn’t working as hard. On top of your metabolism slowing down your body tends to reduce fat in your arms and legs and increase it in your belly, giving you the fat belly weak old man or women look.

Visceral Fat

You may think that your belly fat is just the stuff out front that you can grab with your hands, but there is also fat that you can’t see that is hiding between the organs in your stomach- this is called visceral fat. Visceral Fat lies deep inside the abdomen surrounding the abdominal organs. This is the type of fat that causes cardiovascular disease, diabetes and several other problems. Visceral fat can build up and give you that bloated belly look. You may wonder if there is a way to get rid of visceral fat once it has started to build up. The answer is yes, even though it may seem harder to burn fat deep in your body it is still possible.

Losing The Fat

There are a few things that you can do to fight back the fat even if you are well past your 40’s. The first thing, you can do is try and eat healthy. Cut back on some of those sugary snacks that you like to eat throughout the day. You don’t have to stop all together but reduce how much you eat and remember your body will not burn as many calories during the day as it use to.

Second try getting some exercise. You don’t have to drastically change what you have done in the past, but just try increasing it a little. Maybe go on a 20minute walk every day. If you like to ride a bike that can work too. Swimming is a great exercise that uses several muscles in the body. You might also want and try doing some routines to tighten those abs. Targeted tummy exercises can help firm the abdominal muscles and flatten the belly. While you can’t spot burn belly fat, you can firm your abdomen. Traditional sit-ups aren’t the most effective way to firm your tummy. Instead try getting on all fours and draw in your bellybutton. Gently draw your bellybutton inward and upward toward your spine and hold it for ten seconds. Is this as many times as you can? You can even do this standing or sitting in a chair.

Last you can try using some weight loss pills to help increase your metabolism and reduce appetite. Certain diet pills can help give you a little bit of an edge when trying to lose some of that belly fat. Make sure to determine whether or not your body can handle the diet pill. Some diet pills can increase heart rate and are not good for people with hypertension. Look into diet pills that work and are safe for you to take. Talk with your doctor about options and to make sure it is okay for you take a dietary supplement.

Apr 11

Handy Tips on how to lose belly fat for women

By Alanne | Beauty body , Belly Fat , Lose weight

Topics related to how to lose belly fat for women top the list of the most searched items over the time. According to statistics, one-third of Americans are overweight and another one-third is obese. Out of these worrying figures, 60% are women. This possibly explains why its women who are more-concerned about their belly fat.

Belly fat forms around the waist and is at times reffered to as love handles. Contrary to what many people believe, people who are not overweight or obese are also affected by this type of fat. The following are some ways of getting rid of it:

Keep Moving

In activity is a leading cause of belly fat. Many people rarely move around and instead prefer lying on the couch or sitting down most of the day. Due to this, the metabolic activity which helps burn down fat inform of calories is diminished. The fat will therefore be stored around the belly region. TIP: Never stop moving, and ensure you walk briskly for at least 12 miles on a weekly basis.

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Watch your Diet

Poor diet is the main culprit of the belly fat. More-and-more people are shunning the traditional healthy foods in favor of the so-called modern meals. Such foods contain lots of sugars, starch, preservatives and are highly-refined. In fact, it has very little nutritional value but lots of fat and starch. TIP: Switching to more nutritious foods that contain more raw vegetables and fruits is recommended.

Eat More Fiber

Do you know that statistics indicate that individuals who consume at least 10 grams of ready-soluble fiber daily are less likely to develop visceral fat? One of the simple yet effective tips on how to lose belly fat for women is eating high-fiber foods. Eating 2 small or one medium apple, a cup of green peas, spinach, whole bread, beans, and legumes increases the fiber content in the stomach. TIP: A person will feel fuller and for longer due to the bloating effect and the desire to eat will be lower.

Engage in Mild Exercise

Who said burning extra fat has to be a daunting task? You don’t need to spend long hours at the gym, or enduring vigorous workouts to eradicate fat from the belly. Simple exercises that last 30 minutes can help trim the visceral fat. TIP: Aim to jog, run, swim, or even dance continuously for a minimal of 30 minutes 5 times a week.

Get Sufficient Sleep

The quantity and quality of sleep influences whether you will develop belly fat. Sleeping for shorter or longer periods increases the chances. According to research, sleeping less than 6 hours or more than 8 hours increased the risk. This is because it affected the metabolism in the body and either slowed it down or interrupted the process.

TIP: Always aim to sleep comfortably for about 6 to 8 hours daily.

You can use a tape measure to know whether you have belly fat. And this doesn’t apply to only obese or overweight people. Simply measure your waist and if it is above 88 centimeters or 35 inches, you need to be worried. Fortunately, by following the above tips on how to lose belly fat for women, you can reduce the circumference as well as excess fat.

Apr 09

6 Myths and facts about the causes of acne

By Alanne | Beauty body , Common diseases , Health , Other

Many people worldwide suffer with the acne. Various research studies are currently being carried out to find out the exact cause of the acne. During to the lamentable knowledge about the causes of the acne many myths have been spread worldwide. So, this article will be clearly focusing on the myths about the causes of acne.  I would try to make the facts and misunderstandings about the acne clear in this article.
Myth no. 1. Acne is only observed in teens.

Fact:  Acne is observed in young as well as people of any age group. Yes, the occurrence of acne is observed more in teens, but it doesn’t mean that people from all other age group are resistant from the Acne.

Myth no. 2. Specific foods cause acne.

Fact: Acne is not caused by any specific foods. It is not caused by any particular thing. Acne is the resultant of the combination of the abnormal health condition. Many people think that eating non-vegetarian diet, chocolates, milk and other dietary products, potato chips, fish, and sweets cause acne, but this is absolutely false because no studies have proved it scientifically.

Myth no. 3. Use of makeup causes acne. 

Fact: Acne is not caused by the makeup because if this would have been the case none of the actors would have looked so beautiful on the screen. This is most prevalent myth about causes of acne. The fact is doing excessive makeup and that to by using lower quality of makeup ingredients results in the occurrence of the acne.

Myth no. 4. Sunbath cures acne.

Fact: One of the most dangerous myths about acne that may damage your skin more. You need to understand that no sun rays are going to give you relief from the acne. Taking the morning sunrays can be affective in the acne treatment up to some extent. But, roaming in afternoon in the sun would certainly damage your skin more and would increase the chances of skin cancer.

Myth no. 5. Too much sex causes acne.

Fact: One more useless myth. Sex reduces the amount of the heat in the body, then how can it cause Acne. Remember that sex can be in fact useful in the acne treatment as it will help to promote the hormone production and maintain the hormones levels in the body at normal level. Generally it has been noted that insufficient sex can lead to hormonal imbalance and causes acne. But, none of the scientific studies have proved that either more sex or less sex leads to acne.

Myth no. 6.  Acne is caused by poor hygiene.

Fact: The combination of the dead cells and oil leads to the occurrence of the acne. Only poor hygiene cannot cause the acne. This is one of the most common myths prevalent among the acne causes. But, this doesn’t mean that you should not pay attention towards hygiene because many other diseases are caused due to the poor hygiene.

These are the myths and facts about the causes of the Acne. So, just stay away from the myths and focus on the facts if you are facing the problem of acne.

Apr 09

Causes of obesity explained in short

By Alanne | Beauty body , Health , Lose weight

Causes of obesity: 

Obesity is the condition characterized by the excessive deposition of the fats in the body that harms the health of an individual. It is said to be the outcome of the imbalance between the energy intake and energy use. The most hazardous fact about obesity is that it makes us prone to various other health problems like diabetes, blood pressure, and heart disorders.

The main causes of the obesity are as mentioned below:

  1. The first cause of the obesity is the excessive weight gain. If you are gaining the weight out of control then there are 90% of the chances of suffering with the obesity.
  2. Excessive intake of the fatty food items is another cause of obesity that leads to the abnormal increase in the weight that further on leads to the obesity.
  3. Lack of physical activity is one of the main reasons behind the occurrence of the obesity in many young people. The kind of jobs that we do today doesn’t include sitting at one place, which increases the chances of becoming obese.
  4. Inadequate sleep can be one of the reasons contributing to the obesity. If you sleep very less, then your body doesn’t get a time to digest the eaten food items properly. This results in the accumulation of the unsaturated fats in the body that cause weight gain and result in obesity.
  5. Intake of some drugs may result in obesity. Antidepressants are medications that affect the digestion and nervous system of the person thus causing the obesity in an individual. Steroids increase the deposition of the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in the body that unknowingly leads to obesity.
  6. Increased stress levels cause obesity in many individuals. Cortisol is the hormone released due to excessive stress that increases the appetite of the person. Thus, is known to cause obesity in many people.
  7. Obesity is also found to be hereditary in many cases. Yes, as per the many research reports obesity is caused by genes. The offspring of the obese parents has double the chances to suffer with the obesity.
  8. Drinking excessive amount of alcohol is one of the newly noted causes of obesity. The people who drink regularly suffers with the excessive weight gain problem due to the improper functioni
    ng of digestive system caused by the alcohol. This results in the obesity.obesity
  9. Hormonal imbalance causes obesity. The disturbance in the hormonal levels specifically the testosterone in men and progesterone in women results in the disturbance in the overall body functions that results in the fatness and further on causes corpulence (obesity).
  10. Smoking the tobacco has been recently being linked to the obesity. The people who smoke a lot generally suffer with the excessive weight gain due to the disturbance in the digestive system. As a result excessive weight gain occurs. Even hormone levels in the smokers are also abnormal. These all things contribute together to cause obesity.

These are few most common causes of obesity that are found in the maximum number of obese patients.

Apr 08

5 exercises to get flat stomach after pregnancy

By Alanne | Beauty body , Exercise , Lose weight

Bringing a new being into the world is so exciting. You sigh with relief when you look at your little bundle of joy and thank God that the hardest part is over. All is well with you until you decide to look down at that squishy disfigured stomach, and wonder what you are going to do to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape. However, you don’t need to panic or feel stressed by your stomach’s shape; this is a regular phenomenon to many of the women. What you need to do is to start exercising so that you can improve your posture, flatten your abdominal muscles and hasten the restorative process.

Get flat stomach after pregnancy is problem of almost women.

Let us take a look at some of the exercises that can do to regain back your normal abdomen:

1. Pelvic tilt


This is the first exercise to kick start your routine training after giving birth. Lie on your back and bend your knees upward. Place one pillow under your hips and one between your knees. With your hands and feet flat, inhale, then exhale and start drawing your abs in, tuck your pelvis slightly and start squeezing your buttocks while performing a Kegel. Hold for 5 seconds and then release. This will help you improve your stamina and abdominal strength.

2. Abdominal Bracing

Abdominal Bracing

Lie on the floor with your face-up and start contracting your abdomen as if you are preparing to take a blow in the stomach. From this position, start performing different movements such as extending your legs or both hands over the head while keeping your back flat against the floor.

3. Static holds


Many exercises focus on strengthening the outer layer of abdominal muscles. It is, therefore, important to train the interior muscles since they the ones responsible for stability and posture.
Lie on your stomach with your hands flat up to the elbow, creating a right angle at the joint between your hands and the body. Raise your body from the ground supporting yourself with the elbow. Maintain this posture without allowing your rear or midsection to dip down. This will train your core to hold the body in place. You should maintain this position as long as possible, but beginners should start with sets of 30 seconds.

4. Dolphin Plank


Dolphin Plank

Place the front of your arm from the elbow on a stability ball and let your legs extend out. Brace your hips and abdomen and then straighten your back. Try to hold the position for up thirty seconds. The exercise is a regular prank, but the instability of the ball will help in strengthening the abdominal muscles.

5. Yoga boat

Sit on the flow, bend your knees, brace your abdomen and lean your torso slightly while lifting your feet from the floor. Raise your legs until your hips flex on a ninety degrees angle; your shin should hold a parallel position to the floor, and your back should be straight. Slowly extend your arms forward until you reach a comfortable place. Maintain balance for at least thirty seconds and repeat the exercise five times.

Post-pregnancy exercises are very imperative if you want to get rid of that jelly belly. However, care and caution should be taken to avoid dipping yourself into more complications. Before starting any exercise, consult your health practitioner to assert that you are in perfect shape to engage in programmed activities.