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Apr 26

How to Do a Kegel: Different Positions Can Improve Your Performance

By Alanne | Exercise , Health

How to do a Kegel for Newbies
There are tons of articles out there that talk about how you can do Kegels while waiting in line at the grocery store, while driving car, or while sitting at your office desk. Yup, even we have been guilty of writing those types of articles. We talk about doing Kegels in these various places because we want to emphasize the fact that adding Kegels and other exercises for your pelvic floor muscles does NOT have to be difficult, complicated, or impossible. We try to emphasize that Kegels can be done whenever you have a spare minute or two, with the goal of encouraging more women to do Kegels for their pelvic health.

But here’s the thing … for the woman who has never done Kegels or the woman who is not doing a Kegel correctly, trying to do these exercises while sitting in a car or standing in the grocery line is going to be next to impossible. For these women, it is best to start doing Kegels from positions of less resistance, such as lying down or lying on her side. If you think about it, doing Kegels in these positions make sense. After all, in both sitting and standing positions gravity exerts a strong downward pull on everything, including the pelvic floor muscles. Since the goal of Kegels is to pull the pelvic floor muscles upward and inward, any woman in a sitting or standing position has to work against the force of gravity … which is no small force! If a woman has never done Kegels or has difficulty doing Kegels, fighting gravity while doing these exercises just doesn’t make sense!

Best Positions for Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises
Now that we’ve established that doing pelvic floor muscle exercises, such as Kegels, while sitting or standing is not ideal for beginners or women struggling with these exercises, let’s talk about strong positions for these women. The best positions for these women to start practicing Kegels are supine and side-lying. In regular human words, supine and side-lying mean this:

  • Supine: This just means that you lie on your back with your legs stretched out in a relaxed position (you can do this on your bed or on the floor, whichever is most comfortable for you)
  • Side-Lying: As the name implies, you lie on your side with your legs bent at a relaxed and comfortable angle (again, on the bed or floor)


(image source)

With either of these positions, feel free to use a pillow to support your neck if necessary (our goal is your pelvic health, not to give you a pain in the neck!). The side-lying position offers the least resistance, but can also be a bit awkward for some women. Try both positions and see which one seems more comfortable for you. In fact, you might try both positions and try to do a Kegel contraction in both. Also remember that if you want to troubleshoot your Kegels, you’ll need to be able to place one hand between your legs.

We suggest that you try doing Kegels in the supine position first. If you continue to have trouble doing a correct Kegel, then move to the side-lying position and try the contractions again there. If you are new to doing Kegels or are not sure you are doing them correctly, please check this post to test yourself. If you continue having trouble doing a correct Kegel contraction in either the supine or side-lying positions, then seek the help of a specialist in women’s pelvic health.

Apr 14

3 Very Simple Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

By Alanne | Belly Fat , Exercise

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat – 3 Very Simple Tips That Everyone Can Do

It is so much easier to gain weight than to lose it. As one gains weight a lot of the fat gets accumulated around the belly area. This stomach fat or visceral fat is generally associated with heart problems, diabetes and cholesterol. It is regarded as hazardous to health. One needs to take extra care to avoid and get rid of fat belly.

I – Exercising Your Way to a Slim Belly

If you are wondering how to lose belly fat, remember that along with regular fat burning and cardio exercises, you need to do specific exercises targeted toward your belly. Make it a regular habit of doing a cardio of your choice 3-4 days a week for 30 minutes. Anything like swimming, brisk walking, biking, jogging, etc can be selected. Back this up with special exercises to slim your belly down.

It is always safer to consult a doctor or fitness instructor before beginning exercises. This way you will be able to rule out any risk to your health.

1•    The bicycle exercise:

Lie straight on your back, on the flat ground. Then bring your hands behind your head, bend your knees towards the chest along with slightly lifting your shoulder blades above the ground. Start moving your legs at a 45 degrees angle one after the other. When you move your right leg towards your chest try to get your left elbow towards the right knee and vice versa.
The movements resemble a bicycle ride. It is very effective in strengthening stomach muscles.

2•     Working your Abs with Crunches:

Crunches are a popular form of exercise for loosing belly fat. Perform a proper crunch by lying flat on the ground and your feet straight. Place your hands under your head and try to raise your shoulder blades in order to raise the body without straining your neck.
While performing a crunch try to bend your knees at 90 degrees such that your feet are touching the ground. With your hands on your chest, try to get your knees and chest in contact without moving your legs. Then get back into initial position and keep repeating it. This exercise is very intense and burns fat fast if done correctly.

3•    Working your lower Abs:

Lie down straight on the ground, with your hands behind your head or on the ground. Bend your knees and bring them back towards your chest by raising your buttocks. Try and hold the position to a count of five, then slowly get your body back into the starting position. Try and repeat this exercise around 30 times in 3-4 sets, with small breaks.

II – Handy Tips for loosing Abdominal Fat

A few more factors need to be kept in mind to understand how to lose belly fat, as we all know that exercise without a proper diet is useless.

1•    Through Motivation:

Whenever you are undertaking a diet and exercise regime for losing weight or specifically your belly fat you need to be motivated. Results will not be immediate, one needs to be patient and continue the hard work till you have attained your fixed goal of looking fit and shapely.

2•    Proper Healthy Diet:

If you are wondering how to lose your belly fat, start off with a proper diet. There is no need for you to starve yourself and skip meals. On the contrary you need to have proper healthy meals every day. Beware of what you eat.
Avoid food rich in carbohydrates, sugar and fat. Stay away from fast digestive foods like white bread, instead go in for barn bread which has good amount of fiber and is slow on digestion.  Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, fish and poultry and drink lots of water. On the internet you can get detailed list of foods items which can help you burn belly fat.

3•    Choose a Healthy lifestyle:

The modern day life style limits us to our living rooms for long hours. This is not good for you belly. It is necessary to maintain an active lifestyle. Move around the house doing household work, go out for picnics, exercise and diet together like a family supporting each other.

Apr 08

5 exercises to get flat stomach after pregnancy

By Alanne | Beauty body , Exercise , Lose weight

Bringing a new being into the world is so exciting. You sigh with relief when you look at your little bundle of joy and thank God that the hardest part is over. All is well with you until you decide to look down at that squishy disfigured stomach, and wonder what you are going to do to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape. However, you don’t need to panic or feel stressed by your stomach’s shape; this is a regular phenomenon to many of the women. What you need to do is to start exercising so that you can improve your posture, flatten your abdominal muscles and hasten the restorative process.

Get flat stomach after pregnancy is problem of almost women.

Let us take a look at some of the exercises that can do to regain back your normal abdomen:

1. Pelvic tilt


This is the first exercise to kick start your routine training after giving birth. Lie on your back and bend your knees upward. Place one pillow under your hips and one between your knees. With your hands and feet flat, inhale, then exhale and start drawing your abs in, tuck your pelvis slightly and start squeezing your buttocks while performing a Kegel. Hold for 5 seconds and then release. This will help you improve your stamina and abdominal strength.

2. Abdominal Bracing

Abdominal Bracing

Lie on the floor with your face-up and start contracting your abdomen as if you are preparing to take a blow in the stomach. From this position, start performing different movements such as extending your legs or both hands over the head while keeping your back flat against the floor.

3. Static holds


Many exercises focus on strengthening the outer layer of abdominal muscles. It is, therefore, important to train the interior muscles since they the ones responsible for stability and posture.
Lie on your stomach with your hands flat up to the elbow, creating a right angle at the joint between your hands and the body. Raise your body from the ground supporting yourself with the elbow. Maintain this posture without allowing your rear or midsection to dip down. This will train your core to hold the body in place. You should maintain this position as long as possible, but beginners should start with sets of 30 seconds.

4. Dolphin Plank


Dolphin Plank

Place the front of your arm from the elbow on a stability ball and let your legs extend out. Brace your hips and abdomen and then straighten your back. Try to hold the position for up thirty seconds. The exercise is a regular prank, but the instability of the ball will help in strengthening the abdominal muscles.

5. Yoga boat

Sit on the flow, bend your knees, brace your abdomen and lean your torso slightly while lifting your feet from the floor. Raise your legs until your hips flex on a ninety degrees angle; your shin should hold a parallel position to the floor, and your back should be straight. Slowly extend your arms forward until you reach a comfortable place. Maintain balance for at least thirty seconds and repeat the exercise five times.

Post-pregnancy exercises are very imperative if you want to get rid of that jelly belly. However, care and caution should be taken to avoid dipping yourself into more complications. Before starting any exercise, consult your health practitioner to assert that you are in perfect shape to engage in programmed activities.

Mar 23

5 Effective Exercises for Fat Belly

By Alanne | Belly Fat , Exercise , Lose weight

It may not be easy to build sexy six pack abs for everyone but still it can be easy to lose belly fat through workouts. The difficulty in achieving this goal is not only in the lack of willingness to achieve that but also the lack of knowledge of doing these workouts properly. Brief information about some exercise for fat belly is provided in this write-up to help you in making it possible for you.

1- Walking or running: An effective exercise for fat bally is walking or running that helps in burning the calories along with belly fat to a great extent. It reduces fat not only from your belly but from various other body parts also. You can do any of these exercises without requiring any equipment except a pair of suitable shoes. Either of these exercises can also be done before and after routine workout session to warm up and cool down your body.


2- Bicycling: Another low impact cardio exercise to lose belly fat is bicycling. You can actually lose weight and remain healthy by bicycling in natural environment of the countryside. You can easily lose 250-300 calories within just 30 minutes, depending on the intensity and speed of bicycling. It helps not only in losing belly fat but also in strengthening your abdominal muscles.


3- Vertical leg crunch: This exercise for fat belly helps in losing belly fat along with making you abdominal abs by increasing their intensity. You have to keep your legs straight to get more effective results. You can do it by lying down with hands behind your head. Now cross your knees while keeping your legs straight. Now lift your head and shoulders off the floor by bending your abs and return to original position with extended legs. Repeating 1-3 sets of this exercise for 12-15 times will help you in losing your belly fat more effectively.



4- Exercise ball crunch: This exercise engages you muscles to provide lots of stabilisation to your belly muscles. The only equipment you need for this exercise is an exercise ball. In order to do this exercise you will have to lie down on the exercise ball supporting your back with feet firmly placed on the floor. Now contract your abs to lift your torso forward and upward while keeping your hands behind the head or across the chest. Then return to your original position, keeping the ball stable throughout the exercise. Repeating this exercise in 1-3 sets with 12-15 repetitions can provide good results.


5- Reverse crunch: This exercise for fat belly is among the crunches which can be done regularly to lose belly fat along with strengthening your core muscles. You can do this exercise by lying down on the floor with your hands on your sides and feet crossed. Now lift your feet off the floor with knees at 90 degree angle. Now lift your head and shoulders off the floor by contracting your abs. You can do 1-3 sets of this exercise with 12-16 repetitions to get the best results.



Thus you can easily reduce your belly fat and develop your abdominal abs just by knowing how to do exercise for fat belly properly.