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Apr 13

15 Best Foods That Burn Belly Fat Effectively

By Alanne | Belly Fat , Foods , Lose weight

When the need of losing belly fat arises, there are two most essential ways to tackle the problem. One is through proper workouts and the other one is through a balanced diet. One should ideally have a good workout routine and maintain a healthy diet in order to stay fit and healthy. Losing belly fat can be simpler, if you have basic knowledge about the fat burning foods that need to be consumed in addition to exercises.

Following are the best 15 foods that help you in losing belly fat effectively:

  1. Ginger, as per medical sciences, has been proven to be one of the most effective fat burning foods as it largely helps in widening the blood vessels in the human body thereby increasing the rate of metabolism.
  2. Cinnamon, in addition to enhancing the taste of the food also helps in reducing belly fat. It stabilizes the blood sugar levels and boosts the insulin sensitivity. Blood sugar level needs to be controlled to prevent unwanted storage of fat.
  3. Green tea increases the metabolism rate by 30 percent as per medical studies. It consists of a chemical known as EGCG that causes the nervous system and brain to function at a high speed. With the increase in body pace, one can lose more calories.
  4. Garlic is highly effective in case you are struggling to figure out ways on how to lose belly fat. Garlic keeps the insulin level low and boosts the metabolic rate.
  5. Although Olive oil is a fat by itself, it fights against cholesterol levels in our body. It consists of monounsaturated fat that helps in burning calories and fat.
  6. Low fat dairy products aid in breaking down fat cells in our body, which comes in use for the metabolism of the body.
  7. Fish oil as we all know, is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that increase the fat burning process and also offer other health benefits like treatment for low immunity, arthritis and others.
  8. Cardamom is a thermogenic herb that increases the metabolic rate and helps in digestion as well.
  9. Honey can be conveniently used like a substitute for sugar. The GI level of honey is low that helps in burning more calories.
  10. Soybean consists of a chemical known as lecithin that helps your body from accumulating less amount of fat and also helps to break down the fat deposit present in the body.
  11. Nuts act as good cholesterol that fight against bad cholesterol present in the body. It consists of essential fatty acids which are beneficial for the heart.
  12. Apples have rich content of fiber that helps in burning fats effectively and it also contains pectin that helps in reducing the amount of fat being absorbed in the body.
  13. Tomatoes are low in sodium and fat, and high in potassium. It is also rich in fiber as well, therefore it is considered as good fat burning food.
  14. Bananas are rich in carbohydrates and low in sugar and fat. It can be a fat burning food, when used like a replacement for meals or snacks instead of using it as an addition to your meals.
  15. Seafood largely helps in burning fats by decreasing the levels of hormone known as leptin. Lower levels of leptin helps in greater metabolism and burns more calories.
Apr 09

Comprehension about Fish oil vs Omega 3

By Alanne | Foods , Health , Lose weight

Fish oil vs Omega 3 comprehension

There is no one these days that doesn’t take fish oil soft gels or in its liquid form. If you ask anyone, he or she would say, yes I take the recommended daily dose of Omega 3 which is 2-3 grams. Today, I hope we can point out the difference between fish oil and Omega 3, to clear the confusion about the 2-3 grams daily dose.

fish oil

Fish Oil Contains Omega 3

Yes, fish oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids. I bet you are saying yes we already know that; but fish oil isn’t itself an Omega 3. The standard, more on that in a minute, fish oil soft gel contains 30% Omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA). If your fish oil brand provides 1,000mg per fish oil soft gel ,then about 300mg of that are Omega 3 as EPA 180mg + DHA 120mg.

The recommended daily dose of Omega 3 should range from 1,200mg to 3,000mg. This means you need to take 4 standard fish oil soft gels, to get 1,200mg of Omega 3. Now if you take 2-3 grams of fish oil (600mg to 900mg Omega 3), it means you are not taking enough of Omega 3 to see any benefits.

Double Strength Fish Oil

The maximum safe dose of Omega 3 is 3 grams, this means you have to consume 10 grams of Fish Oil daily if you want take that dose. But you don’t have to because there are many companies that produce double strength fish oil soft gels. A double strength fish oil soft gel contains 500mg, 600mg or even 750mg of Omega 3 fatty acids. This means instead of taking 10 standard fish oil soft gels, you can take only 4-5 double strength gels.

Molecularly Distilled Fish Oil

The oceans are contaminated and full of heavy metals, fish and sea animals that live in deep waters build up those heavy metals in their flesh. When we extract the oil out we still have a percentage of the contamination and the heavy metals such as mercury. Companies have found away to purify the oil from those heavy metals, it’s called Molecularly Distillation. Without going into details, this process purifies the oil and concentrates its omega 3 too.

Always make sure your brand is manufactured by molecular distillation. But there is a down side; molecular distillation changes the characteristics of the oil. The Omega 3 fats are still useful, but we don’t really know what happens to it.

There is an even better choice. Look for a brand or a company that sells Norwegian fish oil. Norwegian fish oil comes from the Norway Sea which is the only non-contaminated sea in the world. For example, Carlson Fish Oil products are all Norwegian fish oil, and not Molecularly Distilled. It’s tested for heavy metals and other contaminations. Carlson provides standard fish oil soft gels and double strength too.

This is short post about Fish oil and Omega 3. Hope this help !

Mar 23

6 good foods to lose your fat belly, lose weight with fat belly foods.

By Alanne | Foods , Lose weight

Burning belly fat seems pretty difficult, but that’s only because most people don’t go about it in the right way. There is no magic pill or formula for it. Most of it simply has to do with what you eat and how you eat it.

Fat belly foods include the following:

1. Oatmeal – are rich in fiber, that will take responsibility for the cleansing of your body thus it stays in your stomach for several hours leaving you feeling full all morning.


2. Nuts – a belly fat, belly food also includes nuts, especially almonds as it tends to take actions by slimming your body and making you feel full all day thus leaving no concerns about the calorie percentage that you may acquire.


3. Olive oil – although you might think being obese doesn’t need more oil intakes, olive oil is considered as a belly fat burning foods as it helps control the cravings for other food.

olive oil

4. Eggs – before eating eggs every morning, for those who have high cholesterol and obese, consulting your doctor is advisable. However, eggs can be a belly fat burning foods since studies show that people who eat eggs for breakfast lose more weight compared to other foods.


5. Meats – even though you already lost more weight, meats and high protein foods and shakes are important. As you lose excess fat, by eating belly fat burning foods, you body also lose a large amount of protein therefore eating replacements are needed.


6. Vegetables (Greens) – consider greens as the best fat belly foods that you can get. It’s natural contents have high fibers and low calories will make you full and satisfied all day through. It has the capability for slimming your waist is in the ratio of 7:10 as therefore considered as the best alternative for belly fat burning foods supplement.

Green Vegetables

It is always best to remember that fat belly foods can give an easily get you the results that you wanted but constant exercise, healthy living, and proper diet can always give you the best results.