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Depression is a mental disorder caused by the psychological imbalance or in scientific words we can say it as disturbance in the chemical levels in brain. Depression is basically a condition which affects the nervous system of an individual. This disorder shows the characteristics like low self esteem, concentration problems, and loss of interest in everything. You feel like you have lost everything in the life. Once the person suffers with depression his personal, professional, and social life is adversely affected by it. He starts being introvert and remains only to himself this later on even lead to the suicide. So, it is our duty to stay away from depression.

Here are some causes of depression:

1. Failures in life are one of the main causes of depression. Consistent failures either on professional or personal front makes the person depressed. Every one of us should learn to cope up with the failures. Learn to accept the failures and move ahead in the life with new vigor and energy. Rather than getting depressed find out the reason behind your failures, try to overcome the hindrances and one day you would be able to attain the success.

2. Tensions and stress cause depression in many people. Due to the lifestyle that we are living, we need to face lot of tensions and stress. You feel a loss of energy because of these tensions and stress. Tensions and stress put a lot of pressure on your nervous system that start functioning abnormally, thus you start facing the problems like lack of concentration.causes-of-depression

3. Prolonged illness is one of the causes of depression that is observed in many cases. A person who is ill for a long time and is very weak feels depressed as he is not able to cope up with the normal human stamina. This depression is mainly caused due to the illness that you were suffering from long time. Thus, it is always advisable by the doctors to be normal in spite of the illness. Diseases like heart disease, cancer, and HIV can contribute to the depression in the people suffering with them.

4. Depression is also found to be hereditary in some cases. A family history of depression plays an important role in the occurrence of depression in the siblings. It is proved through some research studies that depression is passed through genes from one generation to another. Still it is not confirmed, but few cases are reported.

5. Financial constraints are the reason of depression in many people. Recently due to the recession many such cases have been reported. Many people feels depressed if they don’t have enough amount of money.

6. Trauma or abuse is found to cause depression. If you are being abused physically, sexually, or emotionally in the past or have faced a trauma of your loved ones death then there are double the chances that you may suffer with the depression.

These are the most commonly observed causes of depression. You may get depressed by any other thing not mentioned here, but please consult the psychologist to get treated from depression before it gets more serious.

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