5 exercises to get flat stomach after pregnancy

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Bringing a new being into the world is so exciting. You sigh with relief when you look at your little bundle of joy and thank God that the hardest part is over. All is well with you until you decide to look down at that squishy disfigured stomach, and wonder what you are going to do to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape. However, you don’t need to panic or feel stressed by your stomach’s shape; this is a regular phenomenon to many of the women. What you need to do is to start exercising so that you can improve your posture, flatten your abdominal muscles and hasten the restorative process.

Get flat stomach after pregnancy is problem of almost women.

Let us take a look at some of the exercises that can do to regain back your normal abdomen:

1. Pelvic tilt


This is the first exercise to kick start your routine training after giving birth. Lie on your back and bend your knees upward. Place one pillow under your hips and one between your knees. With your hands and feet flat, inhale, then exhale and start drawing your abs in, tuck your pelvis slightly and start squeezing your buttocks while performing a Kegel. Hold for 5 seconds and then release. This will help you improve your stamina and abdominal strength.

2. Abdominal Bracing

Abdominal Bracing

Lie on the floor with your face-up and start contracting your abdomen as if you are preparing to take a blow in the stomach. From this position, start performing different movements such as extending your legs or both hands over the head while keeping your back flat against the floor.

3. Static holds


Many exercises focus on strengthening the outer layer of abdominal muscles. It is, therefore, important to train the interior muscles since they the ones responsible for stability and posture.
Lie on your stomach with your hands flat up to the elbow, creating a right angle at the joint between your hands and the body. Raise your body from the ground supporting yourself with the elbow. Maintain this posture without allowing your rear or midsection to dip down. This will train your core to hold the body in place. You should maintain this position as long as possible, but beginners should start with sets of 30 seconds.

4. Dolphin Plank


Dolphin Plank

Place the front of your arm from the elbow on a stability ball and let your legs extend out. Brace your hips and abdomen and then straighten your back. Try to hold the position for up thirty seconds. The exercise is a regular prank, but the instability of the ball will help in strengthening the abdominal muscles.

5. Yoga boat

Sit on the flow, bend your knees, brace your abdomen and lean your torso slightly while lifting your feet from the floor. Raise your legs until your hips flex on a ninety degrees angle; your shin should hold a parallel position to the floor, and your back should be straight. Slowly extend your arms forward until you reach a comfortable place. Maintain balance for at least thirty seconds and repeat the exercise five times.

Post-pregnancy exercises are very imperative if you want to get rid of that jelly belly. However, care and caution should be taken to avoid dipping yourself into more complications. Before starting any exercise, consult your health practitioner to assert that you are in perfect shape to engage in programmed activities.

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